Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wishes it had been "food not wine" on Friday night

So, Montreal. Montreal has to have an active FNB right? Right? Well, I dunno.

I found two different days/times in two different places for when FNB servings happened in Montreal. The first one was on Saturday. But I was too hungover to get to it. Yes, indeed. Stupid alcohol. If it was Vancouver I would have gotten out to it, but since I didn't know where it was I just did nothing all day. Bah.

Today! Sunday! I go to the place. I wait around. Nobody shows up. I guess that zine thing had wrong/outdated information.

But! However! All was not lost on my trip to Montreal. I did indeed participate in a different free vegetarian food organization. The People's Potato is a group at Concordia that serves vegetarian lunches to upwards of 500 (!!!) people a day, Monday to Friday at Concordia.

Myself and a friend went and checked it out on Thursday and Friday and it is pretty awesome! They encourage people to bring their own dishes, but they also supply them for people that don't have any. And they serve a lot of food. Every day they have a soup, a stew, a grain, and a salad (sadly, no dessert, as they don't use sugar?). And it's different every day. I had amaranth on Friday. I've never had that before. I barely know how to spell it.

The People's Potato actually employs people to cook! They're able to do that because every student pays them a little bit of money in addition to their tuition. The money also helps pay for all the food that people make. Something to strive towards for everyone who's in university now.

In addition to eating the (yummy) food they gave out, I also helped wash dishes both days (as my friend had classes/meetings to go to, and I had nothing better to do). I washed lots of dishes, met some nice people, ate seconds, and gave them a copy of the Van FNB cooking zine.

I also gave a copy of the zine to an anarchist bookstore in Montreal. So if you desperately want a copy and are in the area, they said they were going to photocopy some.

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