Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So last week Vancouver Food not Bombs had enough people to serve! And it was mostly new people? What happened? Not everybody left Vancouver... Also, someone was apparently being bossybossy. That is not the FNB way! Hopefully next week will go smooooootherly.

FNB also happened in Halifax, where I was, and it was fun!

Thankfully, I actually found out where the cooking was happening this time (as their website is out of date and not super helpful, only the Sunday serving still happens as far as I know). I knew it was happening...somewhere...and people even told me where the cooking/serving happened, but I forgot, because I knew I wouldn't need to remember.

Why? Because of the Porch Crawl!

The Porch Crawl was an awesome party that went around like eight different locations (various people's houses), where there was drinking, dancing, games (giant chess!), tunnels, music, and more things I don't remember as the night went on. The last house it went to was also where FNB was cooking the next day. It was also where I fell asleep.

(By the way, you should totally organize a porch crawl, they are awesome fun.)

The next morning I got up, wandered off to find clean clothes/get over my hangover, and then returned to the FNB house, where I pealed and chopped things, washed dishes, and did some other stuff I don't remember. Yay food.

Then we walked over to the library, with someone pushing a bike and bike-cart for some of the bigger stuff, to serve.

We had! A salad (with a tahini sauce), a tofu scramble with lots of vegetables, apple sauce with a granola topping thing, stuffing (that's what we should have done with all the bread we always had!), plus bread and random vegetables. Yum yum. And I gave out some of my friend's vegan caramels (made with coconut milk).

There were also some random Christians or something when we got there giving out coffee and juice.

Not that many people came to the serving, it was mostly just people who lived at the house and their friends. Which is how I started doing FNB all those years ago. Still, you sometimes get people who are really appreciative of the food, and I think it's a good way to create community and meet other people, something that was harder to do at servings in Vancouver. And everyone served themselves! Hurray!

After the serving I went off to photocopy some zines (both my own and Sugar and Snails/Slugs and Spice) and give them to
The Anchor Archive zine library! Which is a pretty sweet place. There was lots of other FNB stuff there as well!

In addition to a zine about the history of FNB in Halifax, there was also the "Food Not Bombs Halifax Archive". A basket full of photographs, meeting minutes (!!!) and other stuff. Yes! They used to have meetings and discussions and stuff, wow. They don't any more though. I didn't really have that much time to look through them though, as I was busy looking at other stuff.

And! While I was in there, a girl came in and started talking to a guy who was volunteering there. They started talking about FNB, and it turned out that he was a guy who had lived at the house where FNB happened, and she was from Ottawa and talked about how people had tried to start FNB there this summer but it had fizzled out. So that's why I couldn't find it!

Woah, that was a lot of FNB for a day. Now I am in England and I have no idea when the next time I will be able to update this blog about something like that. We shall seeeeeeeee.

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