Sunday, August 16, 2009


So since I was back in town for the weekend I decided to help out with FNB this weekend.

Katie and I were going to do food pickup on Friday after I did a shift at Spartacus books, but by the time we got to Sunrise they had closed. They close at 6? That's crazy!

So we headed down earlier on Saturday, and did pickup then. On the way back a couple of people made comments about us being Food Not Bombs. Hurray.

Anyway, we got apples, pears, tangerines, melons, pineapples, limes, green beans, carrots, lettuce (which we thought was cabbage) and... I think something else, but I don't remember it. Tomatoes! Oh, we also had frozen bread, which we put in the oven to defrost.

Anyway, we hauled the stuff back to DERA, and started cooking. Well, I did, Katie had to go run some errands.

I soaked some lentils, and chopped up the tomatoes. Then Ricky showed up and we started peeling and chopping the carrots. Dave showed up and he started cutting apples. Katie came back and we progressing fine. And then I dressed up as a zombie and left.

As the zombie walk was today, and I missed it last year, and one of my friends was supposed to be there. Well, she never showed up, and I used my uncanny ability to fail to talk to anyone. It was still fun though.

It went practically as far away from FNB as it could though, that beach thing past the Burrard bridge. So I hoofed it back to FNB and got there just in time to help with the serving. Sasha and Saoirse had shown up to help too.

We failed to find the duct tape, so couldn't put up our sign. And we had less food that expected. But that just made the serving go faster! Which is sometimes a good thing.

After I was going to bring the food we hadn't cooked over to Pigeon Park. Except that I couldn't! as Pigeon Park is surrounded by fences. Crap! So I just brought it across Carrall and left it there.

Then there was the guy who we accidentally let into the building. And we actually did to it this time (and by "we" I mean "me"). Still, we managed to get him to go outside as we left at least. Hurray.

Now, on to Edmonton.

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