Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday servings

So in Vancouver FNB news, someone accidentally took our key to another province! Oh no! I hope the serving on the weekend went okay. I really have no idea if it did or not, as I was in Edmonton.

FNB in Edmonton is not doing so hot. They lost their cooking space a while ago, and are now just cooking in various people's houses. Also, as it's summer time there're lots of people traveling and stuff. I'm sure it'll pick up again once school starts.

Anyway, I went to their serving behind the library downtown and hung out with some of the people that had made some food. There was pasta salad, sandwiches, water, and beet greens (a bag of which I took back to my friend's house and then failed to cook, hopefully she will use them).

Not that many people came by, but they didn't have a sign or anything, and it was a kind of gross cold day. Brrrrr. At any rate, I met some nice people, ate some tasty food, and gave them a copy of the Van FNB cooking zine. Hurray!

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