Sunday, May 24, 2009


So last Friday Jim and I did pickup for FNB. On our way back we realized that the sidewalk on the side of the road we were walking down was blocked off, so we'd have to go down East Hastings. Jim was convinced that our box full of bananas would be half empty, from people asking for them, by the time we got to DERA.

However, it wasn't the bananas that anyone wanted. Instead it was the box full of watermelons that led one woman to chase after us after we'd ignore her yelling, grab onto us/the cart and at first demand a watermelon, and then offer to trade us weed for one.

As Jim is straight edge, and I don't smoke that stuff, she wasn't really offering a very tempting trade. However she didn't seem to understand that we didn't want it (or that we said we'd be serving food for free the next day), she kept offering us more of the weed she had. I guess concepts like straight edge aren't that well known on East Hastings.

We managed to get back to DERA without losing a watermelon, and we gave a banana to the one guy that asked for one.

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