Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sugar and snails (Food not bombs cookbook?)

1. I am going to the Portland anarchist bookfair in a couple of weeks and realized that all my current zine projects were things I didn't want to actually make. So instead I want to make a FOOD NOT BOMBS COOKBOOK. Yes it deserves all caps.

I want to make it a split book that has two covers and you flip it over. One side will be called Sugar and Snails, and the other side will be Slugs and Spice (after "sugar and spice and everything nice" and "slugs and snails and puppy dog tails"). One half is baking and desserts, and the other half is cooking. Oh! It'll all be vegetarian/vegan too.

I want it to be incredibly readable. ie. even if you don't want to cook anything you will still read it because it is interesting/funny. So your recipe should be half recipe/half anecdote (how you discovered the recipe, what happened some time you made it, etc.).

Or you could just write a food not bombs related story or something. Or write about the history of Vancouver FNB. Or draw me a picture. Or whatever. I will probably write about my experiences doing food not bombs in Malaysia and stuff.

I know this is not much time, but it'd be sweet if you could send me something for it! It doesn't have to be that long/well written even. I can edit it if you like, or leave it as is.

I will give you all copies once it's done! And computer files if I use them so you can make your own.

Please contribute! Plz!

2. I'm also doing an activist/anarchist/alternative/awesome guide to Vancouver for the anarchist bookfair (and beyond). So if you have some place that you think is awesome and that more people should know about, let me know about it so I can include it. Copies will be available (free!) at the anarchist bookfair next month and at other things. Yay!

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