Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chik'n Eatza

There are definitely weeks where going into a large, warm, windowless room for 4-5 hours on a beautiful Saturday afternoon is not exactly what I want to do. But I go anyway.

This week Jim did food pickup by himself and, when not injuring himself, got a bunch of food!

"...after overloading the cart with tomatoes, radishes, cantaloupe and some plantain like thing the sunrise grocery people were hollering at me to come back. I went back and saw that the guy had two small boxes on them and I read on the box 'chicken breast' and I tried to explain that I didn't want it but then they opened the box up and I reread the package again and realized I had missed a key part of the name which was 'Veggie Chicken Breast'."

So we cooked up some of the veggie chicken breasts, and it was super weird, boil in a bag stuff. We weren't sure what to do with it at first, but someone had the bright idea of making (lots of) sandwiches. Yum.

We also made a hot pear thing, which I accidentally added garamasala to instead of cinnamon (we managed to wash it off before I ruined the hot thing again), a fruit salad, a stew/soup thing, and a salad. And I think that was it? Maybe I am forgetting something. We also had some bread and muffins and stuff to give out.

Oh, and the radishes turned out to be disgusting and leak brown liquid over everything, and the plantains were actually weird bananas that I didn't like the taste of that much, were fairly squishy, and broke the bottom of a box when I tried to move it outside.

Still, there were some new people that came, we cooked and served a bunch of food (so much fruit salad), and some people gave me recipes for the cookbook zine. So a successful day in all.

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