Sunday, July 12, 2009

That guy's a cycle path.

So Jim and Leilani were in Victoria for the ska festival, and lots of other people were busy. No food pick up was done, and nobody had the key. Would FNB even happen this week?

I had been in Victoria, but was cycling back so I could go to the Alice in Wonderland event at Trout Lake on Sunday. I'd expected to get into Vancouver around 3 or 4 and thought maybe I could eat some food and help with the washing up or something.

However, the person I was staying with in Victoria got up super early on Saturday to go to work, so I was off cycling by 7:30am. Around 8:30 I realized I could make it to the 9am ferry, so I cycled my ass off for the last 10km and made it to the ferry and was (I believe) the last person to get onto it (the ticket seller wasn't even sure if I could make it).

After falling asleep on the ferry ride across, I cycled for another couple of hours (including a van ride through a tunnel to get into Richmond) and got to Vancouver around 12:45.

Oh snap, that's early enough to get to FNB. I knew that nobody else would have gotten the key from Jim's place, and when I'd seen him the day before at ska fest I knew where it was. So I (painfully) cycled over to his place, got the key, and got downtown by about 1:45.

Sidney and her friend Ben were the only people there, but Katie (who didn't even think she could make it this week) soon showed up.

Sidney and I went to the grocery store, and came back loaded down with apples, pears, lemons, watermelons (not so hot), cantaloupes (yum), broccoli, onions, bananas, and baby carrots.

Katie made a huuuuge amount of banana bread. And banana bread muffins.

We soaked a bunch of lentils, and put those, the onions, spices, broccoli, and carrots together and made a good stew.

Then we chopped up loads of the fruit and made a big fruit salad.

Oh, and we made lemonade that we drank ourselves because there wasn't enough to serve.

We didn't make as much food as usual as we didn't start cooking until after 2, and I think it was the fastest serving ever!

Then Dave came by to help washing up the dishes! Awesome!

Props to Ben who did loads of work for someone's first time. He was a chopping machine.

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