Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last (for me) Supper?

So maybe it was my last FNB in Vancouver? Or maybe I'll have a chance to do some in August. At any rate I'm leaving town to travel for a while and hopefully someone else can take over updating this thing.

The day didn't start off that great, as nobody had the key to open the cupboard, and none of the DERA employees seemed to be around. Not even Jim had the key, because someone else had taken it the week before.

Eventually (and thankfully) the person with the key showed up at about 2:15, which didn't leave us as much cooking time.

I made a rhubarb cake, and then felt sick/gross (damn disease!) so went off and did nothing for a while.

What else was made? Um, Zoe brought some hummus and potato salad from a wedding she'd been at. I think we made a salad with lettuce and peppers and stuff. We made a big stew thing with broccoli lentils and squash? I clearly don't remember as it was days and days ago and I have since cycled to another city.

Still, food not bombs is awesome.

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