Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two servings in two days

Saturday I woke up and realized it was already 1:16. Oh no! Food not bombs! I had to cook today too. Rarrrgh.

I hurridly got ready and blasted downtown in like 20 minutes, only to discover that I was the first person there.

Still, at least I was able to start taking out a bunch of the vegetables and bread and stuff that we had, and Jake soon showed up to help me out with that. And then Yifan showed up to get the utensils and stuff out.

I think for some of us, cooking two days in a row led to something of a burnout, as we didn't seem to produce that much food (though apparently not that many people came by to eat, so I guess it worked out okay).

First thing to do was throw out the really gross box of...Chinese green leafy stuff. Ick. We also threw out a gross bag of beetroot, and I hope that box of spiky things was thrown out too. Ew.

We chopped up a million onions, and all cried at least a little bit. We froze a bunch so that hopefully some of them will be okay for next week.

We also cut up the rest of the leeks from the day before and added those to the onions. Then we tossed in some black beans we'd started soaking the day before, some potatoes, some squash, and a bunch of green beans (less gross than usual!).

Oh wait, maybe we didn't put any of the green beans into that. As we cooked those seperately.

We also cooked some rice. Though apparently we don't have any left. Hmm.

And a dessert thing. A pear crumble/crisp. Except that this time we had oats! So it was a million times better than the last ones we made. And either these were less juicy pears, or the oats absorbed all the liquid, because they were as weirdly soaking as previous times when we've cooked it.

Jim and James both showed up to help with the serving, which was awesome, as a bunch of people had left just before then. I didn't feel up to serving today, so I just washed up all the dishes, allowing us to leave by about 5:30, even though we didn't start the serving until really late. For reals!

Come help us next week, when we're back to just one serving a week. 1pm (or so) Saturday, 12 E Hastings. Knock on the door and someone should let you in.

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