Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cooking the book(fair)s

Aaaaaah. So much cooking. (No update last week as I was barely at FNB and I didn't remember what happened. I was crashing the anime convention.)

Thursday Yifan, Jim, and I did food pick up and got some aaaaaweeeesome stuff from the supermarket. Two shoping carts full of it. Fantastic.

Friday I went and photocopied a bunch of cooking zines (these ones are not as nice as the originals). Then went down to DERA to start cooking.

Yifan and Jim went to Quest and got us some papaya (which we never used? hm....), broccoli, leaks, and a huge pile of spices/herbs. Stellar.

Jake, Sasha, Soairse, and their friend whose name I don't remember, showed up and we started chopping vegetables and stuff. Jim had to take off after not too long, but we managed fine without him.

We made a big soup thing, with leeks, broccoli, onions, and... um. I don't know, some other things. Oh! It had lentils in it, because someone just donated us a massive amount of dried lentils/beans. Fantastic!

Then we made an apple sauce thing (shocking), and I put too much cinanmon in, but we were able to put more pears in to make it edible.

We also roasted a bunch of zucchini and yams, both of which came out really well and were super delicious. Yum Yum.

Was that it? I don't think we made anything else.

We put everything into a van that belonged to...someone. And headed over to where the Anarchist bookfair was happening.

Oh yeah! And apparently the anarchist bookfair forgot to put us on their schedule after inviting us to come. Way to go guys. (edit: apparently we were on some info?)

A guy called Miles (Myles?) who knew the girls brought us some sushi to serve. Wikkid.

We served through one of those weird serving windows from a small room off their kitchen. What was super awesome was that we were mostly able to use dishes that were already there, and not have to use any lame styrofoam ones. Yes! And because the sink was right there (and because people at the bookfair offered to wash dishes) we were able to just use and reuse the same plates. Even better.

Oh! And for once we didn't have too much bread. We didn't have enough! This was amazing.

Anyway, people seemed to really appreciate that we were there and some guy even cleaned the really big pot for us (!!!).

Yifan and I hung around until all the food was gone (and we thought we'd made too much), then put everything back into the van and went back to DERA to finish cleaning (which didn't take too long). We even got some donation money! And some people bought zines and maybe patches. Solid.

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